Commerz in Echt Oberfranken (Issue 62, December 2021)

The main topic of this issue focuses on the long history of the textile industry in Upper Franconia. The fashion designers who are active here will also be presented, including our commerz!

Quelle: Echt Oberfranken - Menschen Ideen Perspektiven


Commerz x Ahmanadi On Tour. 


Ahminadi from our favorite club Fabrik Bayreuth had a great idea in this difficult time and created the show ahminadi on tour. Last Wednesday he was therefore a guest of Felix Kröcher. To make sure that Ahmad wears a piece of Bayreuth during his tour, we equipped him with our new FUTURE LABORATORY COLLECTION without further ado. What Ahmad and Felix have to tell each other and how he styled our new collection, you can see here.

Fashion and music combined to an incredible DJ-SET. 

The hippest club in town with his DJ Patrick Hero in our COMMERZ No Fake t-shirt enchant the listeners with a unique Melodic Set. 

Enjoy the sounds and let yourself be captivated by the beauty. 

DJ-SET by FABRIK Bayreuth 





An interview with the founder and creative director Robin Stoehr of the upcoming fashion label commerz by Robin Stoehr®. 
From the beginnings to the inspirations of the young designer. 
This is the first episode of the series Commerz Icons with Robin Stoehr. 
Learn more about the young brand and its history now. 



commerz by Robin Stoehr®


Everyone has its own unique story

Commerz by Robin Stoehr in conversation with successful and inspiring people of today. 

An insight into life and the hard way from start to success. 

Be inspired by the energy of these people.




From ten to thousands. A conversation with DJ-D-Lane.

From the beginning until today. From the inspiration to the show.

Please note: for the concert excerpts we were not allowed to play music in the videoclip for copyright reasons!

This is why the video is muted at these scenes.

Fashion is commerz


Interview with Robin Stöhr, the chief designer and founder of commerz, in the winter edition 2019/2020 of the lifestyle magazine "Wilhelmine".


Source: Wilhelmine-Mag


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Wilhelmine-No2-Interview-Commerz 3.jpg

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Editor: Romina Baumgarten and Tamina Ceylan

Creative Director: Matthias Prechtl


Photos: Adrian Infernus


A Bayreuth resident makes fashion


On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, the North Bavarian courier published an article on the front page of the new 2019 collection.


Source: Nordbayerischer Kurier, courtesy of the editor-in-chief


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