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Commerz by Robin Stoehr® was originally born out of the ecstasy of late-night club partying and embodies a rock-star-like attitude that expresses success, freedom and independence in a bold and audacious way. Quality being the top priority, Commerz embodies extravagance and exclusiveness.

In contrast to the common meaning, Commerz stands for the fusion of art and wearability of fashion.
It oozes financial succsess and independance.
Commerz is inspired by the rock n roll era of the 50s and rocking 70s and 80s, adapting it to the presence.


Quality - Exclusive - Audacious

The high quality of each piece is an absolute priority for Commerz. From the development of our clothing & accessories to production, final inspection and packaging, we have the highest standards. Our production takes place in selected factories in Europe.

From the beginning, the designs and their selected materials are tested and developed to perfection. Each design gets its individual fit. One of the specialties of Commerz by Robin Stoehr® are the oversize cuts. Exclusivity lives in every creation. Each piece in the collection is strictly limited. With a precise eye for detail, all creations are made and checked. Each piece combines rocking and modern elements with classic elegance.


Exclusivity lives in every creation. Each piece in the Collection is strictly limited.


Commerz conveys an attitude to life of luxury and audacity.


We offer our customers a high level of service, personal advice in the concept store

Commerz x Cronalla in Bayreuth and in the partner boutiques as well as our own online store with free shipping within Germany from an order value of 100 euros.





In 2017 Robin Stöhr started making fashion together with Majid Pohle. For the launch of the first collection, the first partner store "Rockers Board & Lifestyle" in Bayreuth was acquired. In the same year, Commerz started a collaboration with Mercedes Benz Auto Scholz for the Fashion Week in Berlin.

In January 2019, Commerz, in cooperation with Mercedes Benz Auto Scholz and Juwelier Christ, arranged and exclusive Blogger VIP Shuttle during the Berlin Fashion Week.

At the end of July 2019, Commerz introduced the limited "Artwork" collection. It consists of 10 pieces that express the theme of "art". The characteristics of this collection are the audacious cuts and the large, high-quality digital prints. All creations are characterized by the colored vintage stitching that reflects the main color of the print. Only extra high quality, very tightly woven cotton fabrics were used. In this collection, for the first and only time, there were four short-cut T-shirts.

In the company's management, Majid Pohle left in August 2019 and Rainer Bienlein joined.

Since October 2019 there are two new partner boutiques. Geschwisterliebe in the city center of Stuttgart and Stierblut Menswear in Munich.

In December 2019, KU13-Sneakerlabor by Schuh-Mücke in Kulmbach was added for a 5-month period.

After attending Berlin Fashion Week in January 2020 we teamed up with The Publisher in Berlin Mitte.

Shortly after BOLD boutique in Bamberg followd as the sixth shop selling Commerz clothing.

The 80-s Collection was released as a pre-order collection in April 2020. It consists of six pieces, for the first time a Coach jacket was also included.

From February 2021, the exclusive creations from Commerz can also be purchased in Offenbach, at the Mannequin Fashion Boutique


At the same time, Commerz launches its 5th collection, the "Future Laboratory". For the first time, it includes track pants that set new accents with their implied pleats, belt loops and colorful details.

On 21 June 2021, at the beginning of summer, Commerz is launching the very high-quality "Le temps de Commerz" collection, which consists of eight pieces and for the first time includes a suit and two shirts. A cooperation with the Berlin fashion designer Tanja Christiani has resulted in an urban summer dress that completes the collection. This dress will also be available in Berlin's Ge03 - Store Extraordinaire starting in July 2021.

The exclusive Bayreuth boutique FABIO - FASHION FOR HER has carried part of the Commerz collection embedded in an assortment of national and international top brands from August 2021.

Finally, the designer Robin Stöhr wanted to realize the direct contact with his customers and so he decided to open an own concept store in Bayreuth in May 2022, where you can look at, feel and try on his creations in a extraordinary ambience: The Commerz x Cronalla concept store was created as part of the takeover of the peerless Bayreuth vintage store CRONALLA.


This gave the upcycling aspect, which has played an important role from the beginning of the brand, an even stronger focus. A unique upcycling pantsuit and two vintage Commerz suitcases were created for the Night Star Collection fashion show. Numerous exclusive upcycling individual pieces followed, such as refined denim jackets, cropped jackets, handbags and travel bags, etc.


In 2022, the brand will launch the 10-piece Night Star Collection, which again embodies a characteristic combination of classic elegance with rocking street style


Be inspired by uniqueness

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