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Commerz by Robin Stoehr® - Fashion Sustainability

The topic of sustainability has become more and more important. Even when the Commerz by Robin Stoehr® brand was founded, the upcycling of travel- and handbags or denim waistcoats played an important role. Brand-Designer Robin Stöhr wanted to improve the direct contact with his customers. So he decided to open an own store, in which one can look at, feel and try on his creations and he consciously choosed the special ambience of the incomparable Bayreuth vintage store CRONALLA: this is where the Commerz x Cronalla concept store was created.


Designed in Germany. Production in Europe and partly in Germany. Manufacturing and finishing in Germany. Short transport routes and regional partner companies.


High-quality, durable fabrics: particularly densely woven cotton, fine European linen fabrics, fine Italian shirt and suit fabrics. Enduring and durable textile materials.


Low production volumes ensure the uniqueness of the pieces and avoid overproduction.

Timeless and at the same time individual design that is not only worn today, but also in the future.


Upcycling – Every new production burns energy and resources. That is why the Commerz by Robin Stoehr® brand has already refined exclusive one-off leather bags (handbags, weekenders and travel bags) in 2017 and created new designer bags from used bags. In 2022, the brand took over the first Bayreuth vintage store, CRONALLA, and transformed it into a Concept Store - a synthesis of the brand's audacious, rocky designs with the vintage clothing culture.

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