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Thank you for your interest in supporting Commerz by Robin Stoehr®.

The Commerz project was founded in 2017 by Robin Stoehr and Majid Pohle. Day by day we are working to realize the vision and the exclusive creations of creative director Robin Stoehr. We endeavor to provide all customers opportunities to purchase the limited edition garments in every major city worldwide. As the luxury fashion industry requires a very high level of capital, we are infinitely grateful for any support.

You have the option to support Commerz via the well-known platform PayPal. 

You want to learn more about Robin Stoehr and Commerz? Then click on "Company" and get an insight into the world of Commerz by Robin Stoehr®. We are looking forward to meeting you. 


Thank you very much! 

Support Commerz by Robin Stoehr now via PayPal and be a part of this incredible story


Thanks for your support

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